New writer on the EtsyBeadWeavers Blog!

I am a writer by nature, and beader by choice. Writing has always been by ultimate hobby, method of expression and ambition.
Being accepted as the new moderator and writer for the EtsyBeadWeavers blog is the start of a new adventure. Each month I hope to release at least one article relevant to handmade artists and beading, along with interviews and features of beadweaver’s gorgeous shops.

EBW Banner.jpg

I welcome all forms of comments, feedback and ideas for future articles. Don’t be shy to tell me about your experiences, your stories and lessons, what you’d like to hear about or learn about…Anything! I love using the work and minds of other artists as inspiration.

You can follow the EtsyBeadWeavers on facebook!

Some articles available:

Your Favorite Things and their Stories
An anecdotal encouragement piece to be proud of your unique creations.


How to Avoid Crafter’s Winter Blues
A brainstorming guide to staying active and inspired during the darker months.



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