Etsy BeadWeavers Spring Swap 2016

I participated for the first time in a swap between group members- the organization was smoothly done! If you’ve never done a swap, think Secret Santa for crafters (who sell online and have no time to make extra gifts during the holiday season!) I answered a survey telling my future partner my likes and dislikes, the stitches I am comfortable with and those that I am not, and was sent the survey results of another team member. The identity of my ‘swapee’ had to remain a secret as to not spoil the surprise, so though this piece was completed about a month ago, I couldn’t reveal it online until the swap project was completed.


This piece is definitely one of my best yet. My partner pointed out that she like a-symmetrical design, so I played around with different stitches in circular patterns in her favorite colours.
I really hope to create more in this vein later on, the possibilities are endless!


Of course, you can request your very own necklace by visiting my Etsy shop! Don’t hesitate to contact me, let’s discuss how you can wear your own imagination!
Humdrum Auguries

Check out all of the 23 creations here!







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