About Me

About Me?


I am Elyse, authorized and professional bizarre person, at your service.

I have been beading for several years and work continuously to sharpen my skill. I enjoy bringing a bit of the natural, whimsical or imaginary to daily modern life.

I particularly adore working with a specific person and desire in mind. I love to work with themes, or to use a fictional character’s aura as inspiration.

All of my Photgraphy is beautifully done by Josianne Thibault-T. Check out her online gallery!

As an aspirant writer in both French and English, and of course Beader, Jewelry Artist, I hope to bring through the vehicle of my work a value and message if find inherent in all things. I personally chose to incarnate through my creations the joy of exploration, discovery, wonderment, and the necessary openness of the heart and mind. This of course means, that I think what life imagines and creates, justifies life’s existence.

Therefore beads.

Tiny little specs of beautiful colourful potential, useless and insignificant in their created states. Through my will, my energy and foresight, they come together and accomplish their purpose. This purpose is beauty, renewing, originality, uniqueness- life. My being and vitally become imbued within my beaded creations, carrying my enchantment along to its wearer.

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