We all know how life catches up and makes it difficult to maintain our various habits. I do adore this blog and hope to return more often.

Big things have been happening! Firstly, I am not Captain of the International Beadweavers! I am incredibly proud of having inherited the former “Etsy Beadweavers”, my goal is to help the team grow by opening up membership and explorations to other web-shop mediums, including using other hosts and social media.

Check out the brand new website for the team!



I also won my first ever beading contest, the Jules Verne challenge hosted by my favorite beading team, the International Beadweavers!

Otherwise, here are a couple things I have completed in the last little while!




Etsy BeadWeavers Spring Swap 2016

I participated for the first time in a swap between group members- the organization was smoothly done! If you’ve never done a swap, think Secret Santa for crafters (who sell online and have no time to make extra gifts during the holiday season!) I answered a survey telling my future partner my likes and dislikes, the stitches I am comfortable with and those that I am not, and was sent the survey results of another team member. The identity of my ‘swapee’ had to remain a secret as to not spoil the surprise, so though this piece was completed about a month ago, I couldn’t reveal it online until the swap project was completed.


This piece is definitely one of my best yet. My partner pointed out that she like a-symmetrical design, so I played around with different stitches in circular patterns in her favorite colours.
I really hope to create more in this vein later on, the possibilities are endless!


Of course, you can request your very own necklace by visiting my Etsy shop! Don’t hesitate to contact me, let’s discuss how you can wear your own imagination!
Humdrum Auguries

Check out all of the 23 creations here!






Pompeii’s Destiny; The Mantle Plume Necklace

I am incredibly proud of this piece, inspired by the beauty, volcanic devastation, and re-discovery of the ancient city of Pompeii.

This piece was entered in a challenge! Vote for your favorite Pompeii inspired piece here until April 15th!



Inspired by the Antique styles of coastal cities like Pompeii, before the devastating volcano eruption, this statement necklace made to look luxurious, mysterious and natural. The Ethiopean Fire Opal at the core of the necklace reacts beautifully in sunlight, shimmering a thousand colours that can unfortunately not be captured with a camera. Garlands of gorgeous garnet stone and quartz dance around natural volcanic rock beads. The pendant is an Eye of Shiva, symbolizing the healing power of the sea in contrast to the fiery lava flow.


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The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79 was a tragic event, yet the eventual historical implications were for the most part positive. The very word ‘volcano’ was invented as a reaction to the event; nature had never before displayed it’s power in this manner to the human eye. The particular volcanic situation of Pompeii allowed archeologists to study a very well preserved site, thanks to the composition of the volcanic debris, teaching us untold stories about this period of antiquity. Items such as jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and seashells were found in very intact states, telling us of the styles adored at the time.




Little Auguries

Introducing an official and continuous Humdrum Auguries design! The Little Augury bracelet is the perfect union between charm and beaded bracelets.
These glorious little gems are just begging to be customized! I am very excited to take on personalized creations! .


I have currently three Little Auguries for sale made with Swarovski Crystals, and three made with gemstones.

Each Little Augury is destined for a wearer. The little charm will call out to it’s future owner, the colours and metals will glimmer to their eye. After wearing it for a few days, the bracelet begins absorbing the energy of the wearer, accumulating meaning and power.

The crystal auguries add a bit of sparkle to any outfit and emphasize the interests and goals of the wearer. Check them out here!


The gemstone auguries possess the most power, influencing the mood and luck of their owners based on both the charm symbol and the properties of the gemstone. Check them out here!


Want to wear your own imagination? Don’t hesitate to message me.

New writer on the EtsyBeadWeavers Blog!

I am a writer by nature, and beader by choice. Writing has always been by ultimate hobby, method of expression and ambition.
Being accepted as the new moderator and writer for the EtsyBeadWeavers blog is the start of a new adventure. Each month I hope to release at least one article relevant to handmade artists and beading, along with interviews and features of beadweaver’s gorgeous shops.

EBW Banner.jpg

I welcome all forms of comments, feedback and ideas for future articles. Don’t be shy to tell me about your experiences, your stories and lessons, what you’d like to hear about or learn about…Anything! I love using the work and minds of other artists as inspiration.

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Some articles available:

Your Favorite Things and their Stories
An anecdotal encouragement piece to be proud of your unique creations.


How to Avoid Crafter’s Winter Blues
A brainstorming guide to staying active and inspired during the darker months.


Fertility Goddess Charm Necklace

Now available on Etsy!
This Humdrum Auguries original design is the first result of endless possibilities. As a beadweaver, I not only love seed bead stitching but I also adore collecting charms. These little pendants are important symbols charged with the wearer’s energies and goals.

This piece in particular is intended for Fertility and Prosperity. Ideal for someone starting a new project, a new phase in life, or specifically, for women trying to conceive.

Check it out on Etsy!

Want a charm necklace of your own? Let me know what symbols speak to you!il_570xN.930273950_pv66


Finished this piece and was happy with the overall result as a design to eventually feature in my shop.

I adored working with synthetic moonstone. I am usually the type to choose only natural stone; and natural moonstone is perfectly gorgeous. Synthetic materials however give us the power to create what nature never conceived…and there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of human genius!

Want a piece like this for yourself? Don’t be afraid to send me a message!